Behavioral Health Prevention and Outreach Division Manager Frank Warren.

Behavioral Health Division Manager Celebrates Jubilee

Author: Behavioral Health Department
Date: 12/17/2019 3:39 PM

Frank Warren, Prevention and Outreach Division Manger, has promoted messages of wellness, recovery and hope across SLO County for 25 years.

The Behavioral Health Department is proud to recognize Frank Warren, Prevention & Outreach Division Manager and Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Coordinator, as he celebrates 25 years of service.

Warren joined the Behavioral Health team in 1994 and has since been a pillar of prevention, health, wellness, and youth development within the department. Frank, who is known for his outgoing personality and drive, has spent countless years building Behavioral Health programs and events for youth, campus communities, veterans, homeless and other vulnerable populations.

Frank serves as the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Coordinator, overseeing programs dedicated to transforming the public mental health system and seeks to reduce the long-term adverse impact from untreated serious mental illness. His passion for prevention is evident through his daily interactions with staff, the community and clients.

“Frank Warren has exemplified the intentional leadership and broad community engagement that we in Behavioral Health value, “says Anne Robin, Director of Behavioral Health.  “He is a consummate collaborator; bringing diverse agencies and stakeholders together to find the best path to move both services and recovery culture forward in our community.  He walks his talk, expecting even more of himself than he does of his excellent staff.  His dedication to prevention, community development, and excellence has improved both the Department and the community.”

Frank’s outstanding work through the years includes but is certainly not limited to: MHSA Coordinator, SLO County Friday Night Live, Mock Rock, SLO High School’s 24 Hour Relay, Journey of Hope, Veterans Outreach and Treatment Programs, Opioid Safety Prevention Coalition, and the opening of Crisis Stabilization Unit in 2018. 

Thank you Frank for your dedication and congratulations!