May Mental Health Awareness Month

Cartoon brain hugging a cartoon heart with text overlay that reads be kind to your mind.
Cartoon brain hugging a cartoon heart with text overlay that reads protege tu mente..


Be Kind To Your Mind

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! We are committed to bringing support and awareness to our community, because mental health matters! Below you will find a variety of events and activities. Can't make an event? You can still show your support at home by downloading our 2024 Activity Guide or browsing the Take Action for Mental Health Toolkit online.

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Get Involved in May Mental Health Awareness Month: 

  • Snuggles Soothe Struggles: County of San Luis Obispo Behavioral Health and Animal Services are partnering for Mental Health Month! If you adopt an animal during the month of May, you will receive a cute "Snuggles Soothe Struggles" bandana. Pets have shown improvements in mental health by providing companionship, reducing stress/anxiety, boosting self-confidence, and adding structure to your day. 

    • Looking for a furry friend? Come by the Animal Shelter at 885 Oklahoma Ave, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 and visit their website at Adoptable Animals.

  • Opening Minds Art Show: On May 3rd, Transitions-Mental Health Association (TMHA) will put on a reception for the  Opening Minds 2024 Community Arts Show and will be on display through May 31st. Stop by The Bunker to celebrate mental health. They strive to promote the idea that we should not be defined in terms of our illness, but by our strengths, gifts, and the contributions we make to society. 

    • See you at The Bunker with the address: 810 Orcutt Road, San Luis Obispo, CA

  • 2024 Templeton High School FNL Mock Rock and Talent Show: Wild West: 

    The Templeton High School Friday Night Live Club is hosting their annual Mock Rock and Talent Show. This year’s special theme is “Wild West”! Saddle up and bring your best mock to town! Come see talented high school students and faculty preform their best lip sync routines, as well as some original music and live bands! This fun, all-ages show will be held in the Templeton Preforming Arts Center on campus.

    • Friday, May 3rd @ 7pm in the Templeton Preforming Arts Center located on Templeton High School’s campus.

    • Tickets on sale at

  • Out of the Darkness Walk: The Out of the Darkness Campus Walks are the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's (AFSP) signature student fundraising series, designed to engage community in the fight to prevent suicide, a leading cause of death. 

    • Event Details:

      • Walk Date: 5/11/2024

      • Walk Location: University Union Plaza (UU) Mustang Way, San Luis Obispo, CA

      • Onsite Registration Time: 10:00 am

      • Walk Program Starts: 11:00 am

      • Click to register here !

  • SLO County Health Agency Bike Breakfast: Our annual Bike Breakfast is back! This event promotes Bike to Work Week and May Mental Health Awareness Month. A great way to take care of your mental health is by exercising! Community members are encouraged to bike to the event for breakfast, music, games, and more. You can take your breakfast burrito or donut to-go or stick around for activities and conversation.

  • SLO Thrive Symposium: Please join SLO Thrive Home Visiting Collaborative for a day-long symposium led by Dr. Beegle, where we'll explore poverty's impact on maternal, infant, and early adolescent health. Gain insights into the experiences of families living in poverty, dispel myths, and understand how our own backgrounds influence communication and relationships. Discover practical strategies to improve outcomes and connect with others dedicated to positive change, enriching community building and fostering individual and family resilience. Reservations for this free event are limited. Secure your spot today!

    • May 17th, 2024 from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Embassy Suites; 333 Madonna Rd, San Luis Obispo

    • Breakfast and Lunch included!

    • Register HERE!

  • Behavioral Health at SLO Downtown Farmer's Market: Visit us at SLO Downtown Farmer's Market where you can get Mental Health related goodies, win a swag bag, and get to chat with Behavioral Health staff about services, and how to care for your mental health.

    See you Thursday, May 23rd, at the SLO Downtown Farmer's Market at 6:00 pm!

  • SLO County Wellness Center Open Houses 2024: Transitions-Mental Health Association (TMHA) is thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you for the upcoming Open Houses at TMHA Wellness Centers this May. This series of events will be hosted across our three locations: Hope House in SLO, Safe Haven in Arroyo Grande, and Life House in Atascadero.

    • LifeHouse Open House
      • Friday, May 10th, 12:00 to 3:00 PM
      • Address: 5850 West Mall Atascadero
    • HopeHouse Open House
      • Friday, May 17th, 12:00 to 3:00 PM
      • Address: 1306 Nipomo St. San Luis Obispo
    • SafeHaven Open House
      • Friday, May 24th, 12:00 to 3:00 PM
      • Address: 203 Bridge St. Arroyo Grande
    • Learn more about these events here!

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  1. Wear green to show your support for Mental Health Awareness!
  2. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop with fun May Mental Health updates and activities!
  3. Attend on of our May Mental Health Month events 
  4. Download one of the activity pages and share your work on social media
    1. Mental Health Matters Coloring Pages
    2. Take What You Need
  5. Print out a Green Ribbon to hang on your door to bring mental health awareness to your neighborhood.
  6. Phone a friend, family member, or colleague you haven't spoken to in a while to check-in. Mental Health Awareness takes a village!

Check out our 2024 Activity Guide for more ideas on how to take care of your mental health.

Share the video below or repost a Mental Health Awareness graphic/article found on our Instagram and Facebook.

If you or someone you love is looking for Mental Health Services, please call our access line at 1-(800)-838-1381. To learn more about the Mental Health Services we offer, you may also visit our Youth Mental Health and Adult Mental Health web pages.