Cross-Connection Services

Cross-Connection Frequently Asked Questions

This service provides answers to common questions regarding the Cross-Connection Prevention Program. You can view answers to Frequently Asked Questions in the FAQ section below. 

Cross-Connection Test Form Request

This service allows you to request a copy of a Cross-Connection assembly test form.  Please note that the first 10 copies of the form are free and any extra copies are10 cents each.

Cross-Connection Tester Certification Information

This service allows you to become a Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester.

A certified backflow assembly tester is a person who has successfully completed a 40-hour State of California approved backflow assembly tester course and has demonstrated their ability to field test these assemblies to the satisfaction of the approved certifying agency. The certification allows the testers’ name to be placed on the County of San Luis Obispo List of Certified Testers for the public to choose from. The backflow tester certification must be renewed every 3 years.

Cross-Connection Visual Inspection

This service allows you to request a visual inspection of a Cross-Connection prevention assembly.