Biosolids Land Application Oversight Information

Since 1998, the issue of the land application of biosolids/treated sewage sludge has been the subject of two separate efforts to guide public policy in San Luis Obispo County. Both efforts included public and local agency participation in working groups. In 1998, concern over a proposal to apply biosolids to a ranch to grow alfalfa near San Miguel led the Health Commission to form a task force. The Health Commission Task Force explored the subjects of wastewater treatment practices in San Luis Obispo County, the disposition of locally generated material, biosolids land application issues, federal, state and local regulations and oversight of the practices involved. Since that time, an interim ordinance was developed to maintain historical levels of land application using only A/EQ treated biosolids until a permanent ordinance is drafted.  Land application of biosolids requires review and approval by the Environmental Health Services Division.



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