The County offers corresponding pharmacy benefits for each of the medical insurance plans offered. Click on the links below for information about the pharmacy benefit that you are currently covered under or interested in. 


Pharmacy General Information

Express Scripts Website

Rx N' Go Website

Pharmacy Benefits

Express Scripts

Express Scripts pharmacy benefit coordinates with the Blue Shield EPO and PPO Medical Plans.

Blue Shield Rx

Member enrolled in the HDHP Medical Plan will use Blue Shield's pharmacy. 

Rx 'N Go

Enroll in this voluntary mail order pharmacy benefit to receive 90 day supply of generic medications. Eligible for all County medical plans.


Sign-up for SaveOnSP's specialty medication program to help lower out-of-pocket costs for your pharmacy expenses. Eligible for PPO and EPO medical enrollees only.

Pharmacy Resources

SaveOnSP Specialty Drug List

View the current plan year's specialty medications drug list through SaveOnSP. Lists of medication are subject to change by the carrier. 

Express Scripts Formulary ListExpress Scripts' most commonly used prescription list
Express Scripts Formulary Exclusion List ChangesList of exclusions for Express Scripts National Preferred Formulary effective 01/01/2024


You can get free prescription maintenance medication through Rx ‘n Go. Please visit the Rx N Go webpage to learn more.

PPO and EPO Plans: Express Scripts is the Pharmacy Benefit Manager. 

  • Express Scripts Issuer: 915101460 
  • Bin Number: 610014
  • Rx Group Number: RX4EIAH
  • Policyholder’s SSN
  • Policyholder’s Date of Birth

Pharmacy Help Desk: (800) 922-1557. Specialty Meds are managed by Accredo.

HDHP Plans: CarelonRX is the Pharmacy Benefit Manager for Anthem. 

  • Bin Number: 020099
  • Rx Group Number: WLHA
  • Policyholder’s SSN
  • Policyholder’s Date of Birth

Pharmacy Help Desk: (833) 296-5039. Specialty Meds are managed by CarelonRX (Anthem’s Pharmacy Benefit Manager).

Rx N Go: N/A (No group or policy number required).