Tri-County Regional Energy Network

What is a REN?

In 2019, Tri-County Regional Energy Network (3C-REN) was the third REN approved by the CPUC to administer energy efficiency programming in the state – preceded by BayREN (San Francisco region) and Southern California REN (Los Angeles region). A Regional Energy Network (REN) allows local governments to organize, collaborate, and operate energy efficiency programs. The California Public Utility Commission’s (CPUC) decision to approve the REN was a direct response for increased flexibility, innovation, and autonomy in administering energy efficiency programs that reflect regional needs. A REN receives investor-owned utility (IOU) ratepayer funding from the CPUC to design and implement its own programs that will best meet the needs of the local region. RENs are intended to fill gaps where IOUs cannot or will not serve customers; and therefore, focus on serving hard to reach customers. This focus includes, but is not limited to, rural communities, customers with English as a second language, renters, multifamily properties, and low- and middle- income communities.

Energy and Climate Reports

3C-REN Annual Report 2022

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Energy Wise Plan

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