San Simeon-Arroyo de la Cruz


San Simeon – Arroyo de la Cruz Area Watershed

The San Simeon-Arroyo de la Cruz area watershed grouping (CalWater HUC 10 Scale) is located within the North Coast region of the county. This watershed drains approximately 51,500 acres and originates on the western slopes of the Santa Lucia Mountains, flowing to the Pacific Ocean at San Simeon State Beach. Although smaller creeks within this watershed grouping have direct drainages to the ocean, there are two major drainages – Arroyo de la Cruz and San Simeon Creek. Recharge of the aquifer comes from percolation of stream flow, deep percolation of precipitation and irrigation return flows. San Simeon Creek headwaters occur in the Coast Ranges to the northeast of Cambria. Elevations in the watershed range from 3,559 feet above sea level in the Santa Lucia Range at the eastern most watershed boundary to sea level along the coast. The dominant land use throughout the watershed is agriculture, specifically rangeland. The watershed includes the disadvantaged community of San Simeon, the northern portion of Cambria and the Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument. San Simeon Estuary is located within San Simeon State Beach and is the home to several biotic communities including salt and freshwater marshes, grasslands, Monterey pine forest, as well as estuarine habitats. The watershed also contains multiple creeks that support critical Steelhead Trout habitat.



Hydrologic Unit Name:

Estero Bay 10

Water Planning Area:

1, San Simeon


60,141 acres

Flow to:

Pacific Ocean (Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary)

Groundwater Basin(s):

Arroyo de la Cruz Valley, Piedras Blancas Point, San Simeon Point, San Simeon Valley, Santa Rosa Valley


County of San Luis Obispo, San Simeon, Cambria (ptn)

Watershed Plans:


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