Facilities Planning

Division Manager - Lacey Minnick

Mission Statement

Facilities Planning Division evaluates County facilities and guides the strategic development of capital improvements and energy management to create efficient and resilient environments for staff and the community.

The Division is focused on creating comprehensive plans to guide County capital and major maintenance projects through the following initiatives.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan Implementation

The Division is responsible for overseeing implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) transition plan which identifies barriers and guides necessary upgrades to bring County facilities into compliance with ADA standards.

ADA Transition Plan for County Buildings and Facilities

Building Security Assessments

A new initiative is assessment of physical building security at County facilities which will help identify and develop capital projects to improve and/or implement new security measures at County buildings.

Energy Efficiency

The County is working to replace outdated, energy-wasting equipment and lights with energy efficient, cost-saving technology, therefore decreasing the cost of our electric bill. We have completed energy efficiency retrofits at facilities and parks. Staff is also working to promote energy conservation through education on how to be more energy aware.

Facility Condition Assessments (FCA)

The largest data collection effort is the Facility Condition Assessments (FCA) program which is a major assessment management tool providing a comprehensive evaluation of County facilities. Data is used to inform annual budget recommendations for capital and maintenance projects at facilities across the County.


Through our WasteWise Initiative, County staff have worked to demystify common misconceptions about recycling. Signage and learning events help staff use less, become better stewards of the community, and be more conscious of what they throw away.

Renewable Energy Projects

Implementing renewable energy projects, such as installing solar panels, is one of the ways the County is able to generate sustainable energy and save money on electricity costs. Solar power converts the sun’s rays to create electricity that is used in facilities and homes. The County has completed solar projects at two of our facilities, with more projects in the pipeline.

Seismic Evaluations

Seismic evaluations were conducted to gain a comprehensive understanding of the seismic safety and resiliency of County buildings and findings are used to guide decisions regarding further analysis and/or voluntary strengthening retrofit projects.