NEW Payment Portal Instructions

We are excited to announce our new customer portal! Customers in Shandon, Cayucos and Santa Margarita can now pay their water bills online with a credit/debit card or checking account and access comprehensive, up-to-date information, billing history, and service and consumption summaries at the County’s online payment website. There is no additional charge for making your payments online.

Register your account

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the Sign Up button.
  3. Enter and Confirm your Email address and password.
  4. Enter your Last Name or Business Name exactly as it appears on your bill.
  5. Enter your Utility Account Number found in the top right corner of your bill.
  6. Click the COMPLETE REGISTRATION button.

Verify your Email Address

  1. Log in to your new account
  2. Click the My Profile tab at the top
  3. In the section titled Verify E-Mail Address click the words Verify Your Email Now
  4. Open your e-mail and click the link inside to verify

How to Pay?

  1. Quick Payment:  A customer can use the quick payment method by simply going to the site, clicking on the words click here in the Quick Payment section, and entering their account number. Customers do not be registered to make quick payments.
  2. Manual Payment:  Registered customers can pay their bill by logging in to the City’s site. This prevents them from having to enter their account number each time, and allows them to save payment information to make the process just a few clicks!
  3. Automatic Payment:  Registered customers can opt to have their bill paid automatically every month from a credit or debit card, or from their checking account. Please note that the automatic payment date cannot be set by the customer, and occurs 16 days after the billing date, NOT on the due date. 

Additional Options

  1. E-Bills
    1. Click on the My Profile tab
    2. Scroll to the bottom and click on your account number
    3. In the section titled Electronic Bill via E-Mail click the round button next to the word Yes
    4. Click Submit
  2. Saving Payment Methods
    1. Click on the My Profile tab
    2. In the section titled Your Saved Payment Methods click Add a new payment method
    3. Fill in the information and submit
  3. Automatic Payment
    1. Click on the My Profile tab
    2. Scroll to the bottom and click on your account number
    3. In the section titled Auto Payment of Bill click the checkbox next to the word Yes
    4. If you already have a saved payment method you would like to use, select it by clicking the circle next to it and click Submit
    5. If you do not already have a saved payment method, enter the information for your chosen payment method and Submit
  4. View Past Bills:  Customers can view their past billing and payment history going back 12 months.
    1. Click on the Activity tab
    2. Scroll through to view your history
    3. If you would like to view a particular bill, you may click the link titled Billing for the bill in question
  5. View Usage
    1. Click on the Usage tab
    2. View your usage history
    3. Customers who have been at the same address for over a year can compare their current usage to the same periods in the prior year to spot trends and issues
  6. Manage Multiple Accounts:  Customers who have more than one utility account can manage them all from the same online profile. To add additional accounts …
    1. Click on the My Profile tab
    2. Scroll to the bottom and click the link Add more accounts
    3. Enter the last name or business name as it appears on the utility bill for the new account
    4. Enter the utility account number for the new account and click Submit
    5. You may now select which account you would like to view on the Dashboard tab, using a drop menu near the top right corner