Master Water Report

The latest update of the County Master Water Plan was completed in 1998. The original 1972 Master Water and Sewerage Plan, adopted by the Board, was updated in 1986 to address water resource issues only. There have been major changes in the water resources picture for the County since the completion of those comprehensive documents, such as the construction of the State Water and Nacimiento pipelines, groundwater basin litigation, new water users, new water regulations, formation of the Integrated Regional Water Management Program, and the completion of various local and sub-regional water management studies and plans. Consequently, development of a new County’s Master Water Plan (later renamed as the Master Water Report) is for ensuring effective management of the County’s water resources now and into the future.

The San Luis Obispo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (District) issued Requests for Qualifications to 15 consultants and received three Statements of Qualifications. After initial screening, the County Public Works staff and Building and Planning Department staff interviewed two consultant firms, EDAW/AECOM, Inc. (San Luis Obispo/San Francisco, CA) and Carollo Engineers (Walnut Creek, CA), who provided detailed proposals for this work. Carollo Engineers was unanimously selected as the best firm for preparation of the new Master Water Plan. Carollo Engineers and their project team have extensive experience in land use-based water resources planning, assessment of water management strategies, implementation of regional water infrastructure projects, extensive experience with District agencies and stakeholders, and presented a thorough and concise approach to accomplishing the Master Water Plan.

The Master Water Plan was considered by the District Board of Supervisors at their February 14, 2012 Strategic Planning meeting. The Board unanimously directed Staff to finalize the county-wide water resources study- later renamed to the 2012 Master Water Report.

Final Master Water Report - May 2012

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Final Master Water Report (by Volume)