2018 County of SLO Budget Hearing
2018 County of SLO Budget Hearing.

County Clerk of Board Function to Move Departments on June 3

Author: Administrative Office
Date: 5/21/2019 11:53:48 AM

San Luis Obispo County residents looking to do business with the Clerk of the Board will soon be directed to the County Administrative Office. 

On May 21, the County Board of Supervisors held a public hearing and amended the County Code to designate the County Administrative Officer as the official Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, which officially transferred the Clerk of the Board function from the Clerk-Recorder’s Office to the County Administrative Office.

“The Clerk of the Board function is more aligned with the core duties of the Administrative Office than those of the Clerk-Recorder’s Office,” said County Administrative Officer Wade Horton. “This change will make related public services more efficient while also allowing the Clerk-Recorder’s Office to focus on elections, which is becoming more challenging due to changes in State law over recent years.”

The change to the ordinance will officially go into effect in 30 days, and services will transition starting on June 3. Related information and services on the County’s website will move as well over the next 30 days. As a result, residents looking for the following public services will soon be directed to the County Administrative Office:

  • Board of Supervisors public meeting minutes and information
  • County ordinances and resolutions
  • Meeting information for other County boards and commissions as designated in statute, including the Assessment Appeals Board, the City Selection Committee, and the Countywide Oversight Board (as well as for other local boards, committees or commissions currently assigned to the Clerk of the Board, but for which no specific statute delegates duties to the Clerk of the Board)
  • Claims, complaints and summonses
  • Filing statements of economic interest (Form 700), and Conflict of Interest Codes
  • Maddy Book appointments and notices for vacancies

“Most counties provide Clerk of the Board services either through the County Administrative Office or the Board of Supervisors Office, so this change is consistent with industry standard,” Horton added.

The May 21 hearing was the first step in transferring the Clerk of the Board function to the County Administrative Office. The Administrative Office is working closely with the Clerk-Recorder’s Office to identify the budgetary and staffing changes related to the proposed transition of duties. County staff will return to the Board with an item to amend the budget and change the number of allocated positions for both departments.