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Board of Supervisors Condemn Violent Attacks on Israel

Author: Administrative Office
Date: 10/18/2023 4:45:38 PM

The Board of Supervisors make statements on the attacks in Israel

At the Board of Supervisors Meeting held on October 17, 2023, those who spoke during public comment asked the Board of Supervisors to issue a proclamation condemning the attacks on October 7th that have killed more than 1,400 people in Israel, including children, while also injuring 3,400 individuals.

The Board voted unanimously to provide comments on the recent events that have transpired in the Middle East. The Supervisors have made the following statements:

“I stand with Israel. The coordinated terrorist attacks on October 7th saw the murder of innocent civilians and the kidnapping of women and children. We all should be willing to condemn these attacks. They are wrong and violate international law.” - Supervisor John Peschong. District 1

“The horrifying slaughter and hostage-taking in Israel perpetrated by Hamas terrorists earlier this month is depraved in its inhumanity and is the essence of evil. I condemn these atrocities unconditionally. I stand with Israel and the Jewish people worldwide in support of an appropriate response to this criminal barbarity.

Everyone personally involved in this chaotic, unstable and perilous situation should work with a clear moral imperative to restore peace in the region as soon as possible. Those pursuing a military response must be precise in its goals and prosecution. They must also be accountable for the inherent moral danger that innocent civilian lives – Israeli and Palestinian – most certainly will be lost. Let us fervently hope that reason and restraint can prevail as those involved seek a just future.” - Supervisor Bruce Gibson. District 2

“My heart goes out to all those affected by the ongoing conflict in the region. Recent events initiated by the actions of Hamas have reopened deep wounds and inflicted pain on both sides. Families have been torn apart, and the impact is felt not only by the citizens of Israel but also by the displaced Palestinians. The loss of innocent lives and any acts that cause harm to civilians are violations of International Law, a sentiment echoed by many world leaders throughout history, including President Harry S. Truman, who in 1947 noted that "Palestine is undoubtedly one of the most difficult problems faced by the world at this present time." The historical displacement of Palestinians from their land has created a complex and longstanding issue, contributing to the challenges faced by innocent Israelis as well. It is essential to recognize the multifaceted nature of the problem and strive for a peaceful resolution that acknowledges the rights and concerns of all parties involved.” - Supervisor Dawn Ortiz-Legg. District 3

“The historic Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel that started October 7 are inhumane, barbaric, unconscionable, and I condemn them unconditionally. It is my hope that with US support to Israel, an appropriate response can be effected so that peace can be restored in this region and continued mass causalities can be avoided. Here, at home, we can focus the conversation on human rights – the fact that every human life is important, and that innocent civilians whether Israeli or Palestinian should never be the target of military warfare. And we can encourage our fellow neighbors and Americans to be good neighbors to our Jewish and Muslim friends, and lift each other up and support each other through this increasingly divisive, tragic and chaotic time in history. It is more important than ever that we continue to promote human decency and respect for one another in our community and our country, and seek to unify against terrorism, division, and hate instead of allowing these things to further divide us.” - Supervisor Jimmy Paulding. District 4

“I whole heartedly support Israel’s right to defend itself after their country was horrifically attacked.”                     - Supervisor Debbie Arnold. District 5