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County to provide transportation assistance to residents isolated due to Chimney Rock road closure

Author: Administrative Office
Date: 1/12/2023 6:54:18 AM

The County of San Luis Obispo is providing assistance to residents in the communities of Running Deer Ranch, Cal Shasta, Rancho Del Lago, and South Shore areas who are currently isolated due to damage of Chimney Rock Road.

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Update: To ensure public safety, County Public Works will be installing permanent barriers at Chimney Rock Road at Fawn Lane at 10am this morning. 

At 11 AM on Thursday, January 12, the County will provide boat pick ups at the Cal Shasta and Running Deer boat ramps for any residents who would like to leave their homes. The boats will transfer residents to Oak Shores where they will take a bus to the Paso Robles Events Center. Once at the events center residents will be responsible for transportation to their final destination.

Due to the damage to Chimney Rock Road that may take two to four months to repair, residents living in these communities should be aware that emergency medical response to the area will be significantly delayed. It is also unknown when power will be able to be restored. The County is providing this assistance as a one-time opportunity for anyone who would like to leave their home.

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