Supervisors Dawn Ortiz-Legg, Jimmy Paulding, Consutant Paul Stamper, Dr. Eric Olson (Director Central Coast Lean), Marci Miller (Chief Administrative Officer Radiology Associates) and Trevor Keith
Lean Six Sigma Team at Kick-off Event

SLO County Implements Program to Increase Efficiency and Streamline Services

Author: Jeanette Trompeter
Date: 7/25/2023 1:32:27 PM

“Lean Forward” is the County’s New Continuous Improvement Program Based on Lean Six Sigma.

The County of San Luis Obispo today unveiled a new program and strategy aimed at streamlining services, increasing efficiency, and eventually saving taxpayers money. 

Supervisors Dawn Ortiz-Legg and Jimmy Paulding joined County Administrative Officer (CAO) John Nilon in unveiling the County’s commitment to the Lean Six Sigma Program.   

Lean Six Sigma is a program used by some of the most successful organizations in the private sector that uses statistical analysis to increase efficiency and reduce waste. The County will implement it within all departments. The Department of Planning and Building will serve as its champion and be the first to put it into action.  

“Dozens of local governments over the past few years have begun to implement a Lean Six Sigma strategy to address the growing demand for scarce resources,” said CAO John Nilon. “This methodology can save organizations money, improve morale, boost performance, and elevate the services we provide to the people of San Luis Obispo County.”  

A Lean Six “Master Black Belt” will serve as a consultant to help the County initiate and implement the program through all departments.  

“Whether you’re in the public or private sector, the issues of service and customer satisfaction reign supreme,” said Supervisor Ortiz-Legg. “There’s no excuse for over-bureaucracy and poor performance and I’m confident this program will help us better serve our community.”  

Nilon is well acquainted with Lean Six Sigma as he implemented it in Kern County when he served as CAO there prior to retiring to San Luis Obispo County. He credited it with saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in Kern County as well as increasing turn-around times for permitting processes within some departments from months to days. 

“There is no better time than now to rethink and reformulate our County government to embrace and deliver smart changes,” said Supervisor Paulding. “With limited resources and growing demands, it’s critical that we find ways to streamline processes and improve efficiency. This is where the concept of Lean Government comes in.”