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Desalination Project Agency Letters of Interest

These are the letters of interest in the desalination project, written by various local government agencies and addressed to the County.

Diablo Canyon Desalination Pipeline Feasibility Stdy

This memorandum summarizes the hydraulic feasibility and planning-level cost estimates for delivering desalinated water from Diablo Canyon Power Plant near Avila Beach, CA to current Zone 3 customers along the Lopez Pipeline.

Desalination Project Update Staff Report (March-2016)

An update of the Diablo Canyon Desalination Project with direction to staff to proceed with project development and coordination work, and request authorization of a corresponding budget adjustment in the amount of $900,000 from San Luis Obispo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Reserves.

Desalination Project Planning Level Budget

Diablo Canyon Desalination Project Planning Phase Budget Estimate As of March 22, 2016

PG&E Water Sale Agreement (May 2015)

The water sale agreement between PG&E and the County to provide non-potable water.

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