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2017 Board Calendar File Download
2018 Board Meeting Calendar Each year, the Board of Supervisors meeting schedule varies, depending on various events which include fifth Tuesdays in the month, holidays, and mid-year breaks. To assist Board members and the public in planning their schedules, the attached calendar of regular meetings has been prepared. According to the attached calendar, the Board of Supervisors is scheduled to hold 23 regular meetings, in addition to the annual budget hearing and special sessions that may be held for strategic planning ... File Download
2018 Board of Supervisors Calendar File Download
Citizen Complaint Form This form is to submit a Citizen Complaint to the County Administrative Office. File Download
Jail / Medical Improvements for Inmates (Fact Sheet) This document explains important system-wide changes the County has made to address the treatment of inmates at County Jail in the months following an inmate's death in January 2017. File Download
Cannabis Activities Permit Application Checklist A list of items required to be submitted when applying for a land use permit for cannabis activities. This list, while comprehensive, may not be exhaustive and other information may be required during the information completeness review period or prior to environmental review. File Download
Public Records Act (PRA) Request Form This form is to submit a request for public records managed by the Administrative Office. File Download