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Regional Compact 02-25-2020

A united regional framework to unlock our potential to develop an adequate supply of housing and resilient infrastructure that support our economic prosperity.

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WasteWise Recycling Poster

A quick guide to understanding what is recyclable and what is trash.

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List of Essential Positions Requested

The list of essential SLOCEA-represented positions identified by the County.

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SLOCEA-Represented Essential Employees List (November 2018)

List of SLOCEA-represented employees deemed essential to public health and safety services.

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Board Letter: Impose Wage and Benefits Changes (October 2018) Board of Supervisors Staff Report to Impose Wage and Benefits Changes (October 2018)
Citizen Complaint Form

Citizens may submit a complaint to the County Administrative Office using this form.

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County Jail Medical Fact Sheet 3-15-18

The County made significant changes to improve the treatment of inmates at County Jail in the year following the tragic January 2017 death of Andrew Holland. This is a list of those changes.

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Jail / Medical Improvements for Inmates (Fact Sheet)

This document explains important system-wide changes the County has made to address the treatment of inmates at County Jail in the months following an inmate's death in January 2017.

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Cannabis Activities Permit Application Checklist

A list of items required to be submitted when applying for a land use permit for cannabis activities. This list, while comprehensive, may not be exhaustive and other information may be required during the information completeness review period or prior to environmental review.

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Public Records Act (PRA) Request Form

Anyone may use this form to submit a request for public records managed by the Administrative Office.

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Rave-Panic-Button-Product Info Sheet

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For Employees: Important Strike Documents
PERB Documents
SLOCEA Wage Benefits Offer and Imposed Details

Details Concerning the County's 2018 Offer to SLOCEA and Increases Imposed by the County

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SLOCEA Negotiations Timeline

Timeline of Events Leading Up to Potential SLOCEA Strike

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State Cannabis Cultivation Resources

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