Agriculture / Weights and Measures Services

Ag Pass

Agricultural Liaison Advisory Board (ALAB)

Agriculture Statistics and Mapping/GIS

Apiary Complaints

Apiary Registration

Certified Farmers' Market Registration

Certified Farmers' Market Scale Inspection

Commercial Industrial Hemp Registration Requirements

Commercial Industrial Hemp Sampling & Testing

Device Inspection/Registration Services

Emergency Preparedness Planning

Employee Pesticide Training and Safety

Farmers' Market Certified Producer Certificate

Glassy-winged Sharpshooter/Pierce's Disease Control Program

Hold Plants for GWSS Inspection

Insect Trapping

Land Use Planning/Resource Protection

Nursery License

On Line Payments

Organic Production Registration

Pest Exclusion Inspections

Pesticide Container Inspection

Pesticide Use

Pesticide Use Complaints

Pesticide Use Registrations

Pesticide Use Reporting

Petroleum Inspections

Phytosanitary Export Certificates

Plants on Hold for Inspection

Price/Device Accuracy - Customer Complaint

Private Applicator Certificate Exams

Quantity Control

Request for Public Information/Records - Agriculture/Weights and Measures

Restricted Materials Permit

Seed Certification

Seed Law

Vertebrate Control Program

Weeds Program

Weighmaster Enforcement Program