Pest Prevention

Program Mission Statement:

To protect the environment, consumers and producers of Agricultural products in San Luis Obispo County by preventing the introductions or establishment of exotic pests and diseases.

The Pest Prevention program is mandated by the California Food and Agricultural Code to prevent the introduction, establishment, and spread of exotic pests and plant diseases in California. This protects agriculture, cities, suburbs, and native habitat from pests foreign to California.

Pest Exclusion

  • Prevents the introduction and establishment of exotic pests
  • Assists exporters of agricultural products
  • Limits the spread of newly discovered pests

Pest Detection

  • Searches for and traps exotic pests throughout the county
  • Educates the public about the risk of new pest infestations

Pest Eradication

  • Eliminates newly introduced pests from a limited area
  • Regulates infested properties to prevent further spread of pests

Foreign Animal Diseases

  • Assists other agencies in prevention and response

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