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Due the COVID-19 virus and the County's "shelter at home" policy, the San Luis Obispo County Assessor's Office is closed to the public until further notice. Staff is still working, however, so please feel free to leave us a message by phone or email.  Many functions of the Assessor's office can be accessed through our website, so please visit the site for more detailed information.

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Grassy valley with a barn and mountains in the distanceSome exclusions from tax assessment are available to benefit property owners.  The exclusions can be for certain transfers of ownership interest, or for valuation of certain new construction. 

The most common transfer exclusions are for transfers between parents and children and for qualifying base year value transfers. 

The most common new construction exclusions are for the installation of solar energy systems, improvements making a property accessible to the disabled and certain exclusions related to new home construction intended for re-sale.

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