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County of SLO Public Libraries Accepts Large Donation for New Materials

Author: Erica Thatcher
Date: 7/1/2022 9:19:50 AM

Library Foundation releases funds from $2.6 million bequest

San Luis Obispo, CA  County of San Luis Obispo Public Libraries officials accepted a $100,000 donation check from the SLO County Library Foundation at a private event at the Dallidet Adobe and Gardens in San Luis Obispo June 21.

Foundation president Juliane McAdam presented a check to library director Chris Barnickel as part of a large bequest made by community member Susan B. Silverstein. County of San Luis Obispo supervisors Dawn Ortiz-Legg and Bruce Gibson also attended the presentation.

“We thank our community members for their generosity,” said Barnickel. “We’re putting the money where the benefit is for the entire county.”

The Library Foundation received approximately $2.6 million from Silverstein’s estate. Silverstein had no heirs, but she loved books and owned thousands of them, said McAdam.


The Silverstein bequest will allow the Foundation to provide funds now and in coming years for new library materials.


“She gave generously to a number of arts and cultural organizations. She had donated to the Foundation the previous three years or so, so we knew her name, but the bequest came as a complete surprise,” said McAdam.

Demand for eBooks and eAudiobooks has increased about 20% annually over the last five years, and the library plans to use some of the bequest funds to add new titles to its digital collections and to fill patron suggestions.


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