Josh Peters, LMFT, smiling at the camera.
Josh Peters, LMFT, Adult Mental Health Division Manager

Behavioral Health Welcomes New Mental Health Division Manager

Author: Behavioral Health
Date: 4/1/2022 4:32:21 PM

The Behavioral Health Department selected Josh Peters, LMFT as their newest Division Manager in February 2022.

The Behavioral Health Department is happy to announce their selection of a new Adult Mental Health Division Manager, Josh Peters, LMFT. Josh has been a leader within the department for over 16 years.

Josh’s County Behavioral Health career began back in 2006 when he joined the Behavioral Health’s Drug and Alcohol Services (DAS) as a trainee. In 2007, Josh was hired on as a Specialist within DAS Prevention programs before going on to work as a Specialist within the co-occurring treatment programs. He was named as a Program Supervisor for the Prevention and Outreach Division in 2014.

While at Prevention and Outreach, Josh helped shape treatment programs and staff to serve those facing co-occurring disorders, including transitional age youth and Veterans. His leadership was vital during COVID-19 as he helped to switch services to telehealth platforms, ensuring no client was left behind in their treatment during the pandemic.

“We are very pleased and excited that Josh will be joining the Division Manager Team, supporting our Adult Mental Health division,” says Anne Robin, Behavioral Health Director.  “Josh’s training, experience, and knowledge of the county will enable us to grow and achieve new mental health initiatives. His extensive experience with leading co-occurring treatment, outreach services, and coordination with community partners will provide our department with the needed tools to serve SLO County adults experiencing serious mental illness.”

“I am very grateful for this opportunity,” says Josh Peters. “I look forward to supporting our department’s front line mental health staff; they do great work.”

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