Innovation (INN)

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Current Innovation (INN) work plans Include:

  1. Creating Opportunities for latinas to Experience Goal Achievement (COLEGA) (collaboration with Stand Strong Women's Shelter)
  2. Late Life Empowerment and Affirmation Project (LLEAP) (collaboration with Wilshire)
  3. Transition Assistance and Relapse Prevention (TARP) (collaboration with Transitions Mental Health Association)
  4. Customer Awareness Response Effort (CARE) (intern Behavioral Health
  5. Affirming Cultural Competence Education and Provider Training: Offering Innovative Solutions to Increase Mental health Care Access (SLO ACCEPTance) (collaboration with Cal Poly)
  6. 3-by-3: Developmental Screening Partnership Between Parents and Pediatric Practices (collaboration with First 5 San Luis Obispo)

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