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INN Project Evaluations for 2019-2023: B-HARP & Holistic Adolescent Health

Author: Landon J. King
Date: 1/23/2024 9:24 AM

The SLO Behavioral Health Department is excited to present final evaluation reports for two MHSA Innovations that were completed in 2023. Each project presented a unique approach at proactively improving health and safety for youth and schools.

The SLO County Behavioral Health Department is pleased to publish evaluation reports for two highly successful Innovation projects that operated from 2019-2023.  This comprehensive report discusses project design and execution, and includes a statistical analysis of the efficacy of the outcomes.  Each project was unique to the SLO County's Mental Health System. The purpose of Innovation projects are to test new methods and techniques that could improve the overall emotional and behavioral health of our community.  This evaluation report studies the impact of two projects directed at improving the health and safety of youth in schools.  One is examined a community driven threat assessment and response protocol pertaining to school safety titled the Behavioral Health Assessment and Response Project (B-HARP).  The other tested a health curriculum aimed at empowering teenage students to make mindful decisions for their emotional, physical, and sexual health referred to as the Holistic Adolescent Health (HAH) Project. 

Access the full report via the link below: