Forms & Documents > Laboratory > Specimen or Sample Collection and Transport Instructions

Name Description Type Action
31A-Mumps-Quicksheet File Download
24-Zika-Virus-Specimen-Collection-8-3-16 File Download
25-Hantavirus_Submittal_Instructions_Screening_Case_Report Hantavirus submittal instructions File Download
28 Measles PCR Fact Sheet 02-14-18 File Download
28a-Measles-Quicksheet File Download
29 Tick Collection Instructions XX 3-30-17 File Download
6 Nasopharyngeal Collection Kit For PCR (RP Pertussis Influenza) 25 APR 2017 Nasopharyngeal Swab Collection File Download
11Neisseria-gonorrhoeae-Culture_06-18-13 Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Culture File Download
12Pinworm_02-15-18 Pinworm - updated 2-15-18 File Download
13 Pox-Virus-Specimen-Collection-02-12-2018 Pox Virus Specimen Collection File Download
14QuantiFERON-Tuberculosis-Blood-Collection_04-19-2017 QuantiFERON Tuberculosis Blood Collection File Download
16 Sputum-Culture - Spanish Sputum Culture Spanish File Download
15 Sputum-Specimen-English Sputum Specimen English File Download
17A-Stool-Collection-Kit-Notice-14-JUN-2017 File Download
16Sputum-Specimen-Spanish-05-13-15 Sputum Specimen Spanish File Download
17Stool-Collection-Kit-For-Culture Stool Collection Kit for Culture File Download
18 Stool-Collection-Kit (Ova & Parasite Panel) Stool Collection Kit for O P 6-22-17 File Download
1Animal-Packaging-and-Transport_09-14-14 Animal Packaging and Transport File Download
21Urine-Culture 6-20-2017 Urine Culture File Download
22Vaginal-wet-prep-11-10-15 Vaginal Wet Prep File Download
23Vesicular-Rash-Collection-12-21-11 Vesicular Rash Collection File Download
24-Zika-Virus-Testing-8-3-16 Zika Virus Testing File Download
28-Measles-Specimen-Collection-Kit-02-FEB-2017 Measles Specimen Collection Kit File Download
2APTIMA-Collection-Kits_04-24-2017 APTIMA Collection Kits File Download
31-Mumps-PCR-Specimen-Collection-Instructions File Download
3Blood-Culture-for-M-tuberculosis_07-31-13 Blood Culture for M. Tuberculosis File Download
4 Blood-Lead-Testing Blood Lead Testing File Download
5Blood-Smear-Parasitological-Exam_07-19-10 Blood Smear Parasitological Exam File Download
61-Water-Bacteriology-Sample-collection-11-01-11 Water Bacteriology Sample Collection File Download
62-Water-Testing-Instructions-for-Environmental-Testing-Requisition Water Testing Instructions for Environmental Testing Requisition File Download
63-Water-Bacteriology-Disinfection-of-Well Water Bacteriology Disinfection of Well File Download
6 Bordetella-pertussis Bordetella Pertussis PCR File Download
7Fungal-and-Yeast-Identification-11-10-15 Fungal and Yeast Identification File Download
25 Hantavirus_Submittal_Instructions_Screening_Case_Report Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome Form File Download
9-Influenza-Virus-4-21-11 Influenza Virus File Download
30Herpes-Swab-Collection-Kit-For-Virus-Culture-25-APR-2017 File Download
6ANasopharyngeal-Collection-Kit-Notice File Download
21Urine-Culture-Collection-Kit-20-JUN-2017 File Download

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