Reviewing Your Confirmation Statement

You can review you Confirmation Statement on BenXcel any time! Follow these quick and easy instructions to review your Confirmation Statement.

  1. Login to BenXcel via Single Sign-On or with your Username and Password at
  2. Select the “Confirmation Statement” button under Favorite Actions or click the “Confirmation Statement” link in the dropdown menu under the heading “My Benefits.”
  3. From your Confirmation Statement, verify:
    1. Mailing Address
    2. Demographic Information for you and your dependents
    3. Plan elections
    4. Dependents covered on each plan are as you intended. If your dependent’s name is not listed under the plan name, they are not covered.
  4. Save and/or print a copy of your Confirmation Statement in the top right-hand corner of your Confirmation Statement page for your personal records.