Benefits Enrollment and Qualifying Events

The County utilizes the Benxcel web interface for all benefits enrollments and demographic information. Benxcel is your one-stop-shop to update your address, process a Qualifying Event, or upload dependent documentation. 

BenXcel Login Information

BenXcel Single sign on access will log you in to when you are logged on to the County’s network. Click this link to utilize BenXcel Single sign on access. When you are not connected to the County’s network, you can continue to login using your BenXcel user name and password. Review instructions below to see how to do so.

  • USER ID: First letter of first name, full last name, entire DOB

    • EX: Judy Smith-Doe  DOB: 01/25/1973

    • USER ID: jsmithdoe01251973

    • Current Employees: Your password will be whatever you reset it to be last Open Enrollment. If you cannot remember your password and need a reset you can either click Forgot Password under the login box or call BCC at 1-800-685-6100.
    • New Hires: Full Last name, first letter of first name, last four of Social Security Number (SSN).
    • Example: Judy Smith-Doe SSN: 123-45-6789

      PASSWORD: smithdoej6789
  • Company Name: SLO 

If you are having system issues or have forgotten your username and/or password, you must call BCC at 1-800-685-6100 for assistance. If you enter wrong username or password more than 5 times, you will be locked out and will need to call BCC.

While in BenXcel, you can review your Confirmation Statement at anytime. Find steps on how to view your Confirmation Statement here.

New Hire Benefits Enrollment

If you're a new employee looking to make your benefits elections, please login using the instructions above. Take a moment to review the current Employee Benefits Brochure under General Resources, and read the Compare Medical Plans webpage to better understand your options before enrolling. Click the thumbnail below to watch the New Hire enrollment tutorial. 

New Hire Benefits Enrollment Video ThumbnailIf you have questions or difficulties enrolling, reach out to your Payroll Coordinator for assistance. You have 31 days from your hire date to make any changes to your new hire enrollment. Coverage begins the first of the month after the employee hire date. 

Qualifying Events Enrollment

Aside from Open Enrollment, the only time you can make changes to specific benefit elections is when you experience a Qualifying Event. Any changes you make must be consistent with the change in status occurring. You have 31 days from the event date to make any changes and to upload any required documentation needed. 

When processing benefits changes for a Qualifying Event, it is important to know the Event Date, the Coverage effective date, and the required documentation for the event. Please see below for a list of common qualifying events and event details, or watch the tutorial videos on How to Initiate a Qualifying Event in Benxcel. 

Qualifying Event

Qualifying Event Date

Coverage Eff. Date

Required Documentation
Birth, Adoption or Legal Guardianship

Date of Birth, Adoption, or Legal Guardianship

Date of Birth, Adoption, or Legal Guardianship

- Official Birth Certificate, Adoption Paperwork or Court Documents

- Social Security Number added by employee (within 60 days)

Marriage or Domestic Partnership Date of Marriage or Domestic Partnership First of month after marriage/partnership date

- Marriage Certificate or Domestic Partnership Affidavit

- Birth Certificates for Step Children


Date of Divorce 

(Note: this is a mandatory event to remove spouse/stepchildren from all enrolled plans.

End of month of divorce

- Divorce Decree or Legal Separation

- Termination of Domestic Partnership

- Proof of Coverage Terminating for Dependents

- Former Spouses and Step Children are not eligible for the County’s plan.

- For late notifications, employees are personally responsible for claims incurred by ineligible dependents and premiums costs incurred after coverage effective date)

New Eligibility for Other Group Coverage (Ex. spouse offered employer benefits at new job) New coverage effective date First of month after event date

- Proof of Coverage containing: carrier name, group/employer name, member name and all covered dependent names, plan name and plan effective date

- Proof needed individually for medical, dental and vision if making changes to all three

Loss of Eligibility for Other Group Coverage Date the lost coverage ended First month after lost coverage ended Termination notice from carrier or group stating member name and all covered dependent names, group/employer name,
plan name and plan termination date or COBRA paperwork

Required Documentation (Proof of Other Coverage and Dependent Documentation) 

If you are waiving County medical or making changes to your covered dependents, employees must upload the associated valid documentation in order for benefits changes to be approved. Required documentation is the responsibility of the employee to upload into Benxcel's system within 31 days of the event date. See below infographic to ensure you upload and save your documentation correctly.

You will be notified via email and mail three times by Benxcel if you are outside this window and have not uploaded your required documentation. If you do not upload documentation within 31 days, you are at risk of having your Qualifying Event elections reversed.

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