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Approved Special Inspectors & Firms The downloadable list of approved special inspectors and firms for the Special Inspections Program (BLD-2035)
Building Project Checklist A fillable checklist for building projects to assist with documents, process, and fees (BLD-3038)
Express Permit Guide This is a guide for submitting express permits. The system is only available to California licensed contractors (BLD-2010)
General Notes for Structural Observation This document has general notes for structural observation that must be attached to submitted building plans, as required by the Structural Observation Program (BLD-2036)
Height Certification Land use permits or building permits may have building height restrictions that are addressed in this handout
Hoop Structure Guide This guide explains the requirements for hoop structures that may be exempt from building permits (Document BLD-2003)
Minimum Construction Specifications Minimum Construction Specifications General Notes on Plans
Non-Residential Energy Checklist BCNR - Non-Residential Energy Code Checklist 2013
Photovoltaic Electric Systems (Solar) This is a guide to requesting permits for a photovoltaic electric system permit, otherwise known as a solar permit (Document BLD-2006)
Photovoltaic Inspection Procedures This is an inspection guide for photovoltaic system installers (Document BLD-2007)
Residential Permit Fees Guide This is a tabular, 3-fold guide to residential permit fees (Document BLD-2005)
Shade Cloth Structure Guide This guide clarifies the requirements for shade cloth structures that may be exempt from building permits (Document BLD-2002)
Slope Setbacks A PDF handout describing acceptable slope setbacks per 2016 California Building Code (CBC) & 2016 California Residential Code (CRC) (BLD-2022)
Soils Report User Guide Soils Report User Guide - BLD-2023, updated 6/24/2021
Special Inspection Program This document explains the entire Special Inspections process, as well as clarifying the roles for everyone involved; all accompanying documents are listed on the Special Inspections page
Structural Observation Program The Structural Observation Program fully outlines the uses and processes of structural observation on a project
Submittal Requirements for Construction Permit This is the current checklist of the requirements for construction permit submittals (Document BLD-2001)
Washing Machine Greywater Sump This guide details how to properly set up a greywater disposal system for washing machine effluent (BLD-2008)
Wildland and Urban Interface Plan Checklist BW-Chapter 7A Wildland and Urban Interface Plan Checklist 2013

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