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 Planning Report Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Planning background report
2016 PACE Activity Report San Luis Obispo County Hundreds of homeowners in San Luis Obispo County chose to save water and lower their energy bills in 2016
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Preliminary Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for Social Systems (California Climate Change Center white paper)
EnergyWise Plan The EnergyWise Plan is the County’s framework for climate action
EnergyWise Plan - Executive Summary Executive Summary of the County's EnergyWise Plan
EnergyWise Plan 2016 Update The County's 2016 update describing changes and modifications to the EnergyWise Plan.
FINAL APPENDICES A-L Central Coast CCA Technical appendices of the tri-county county community choice aggregation program feasibility study (Attachment 5 for BOS meeting-January 23, 2018).
FINAL REPORT Central Coast CCA Feasibility Study Study assessing the feasibility of creating a new tri-county community choice aggregation program in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura counties.(Attachment 4 for BOS meeting-January 23, 2018)
Local Government Solar Energy Guide This document provides planning and implementation guidance to local government agencies who are pursuing solar projects.
The Duck Curve This document explains why Time of Use rates are changing and how excess solar has created an imbalance of supply and demand on the California energy grid.

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