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Waterway Management Program

  • Grant Funding Received: State Proposition 84 and 1E

    In September 2011, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced its recommendation to award grant funds for the Arroyo Grande Creek Waterway Management Program (WMP). Recommended funding includes approximately $2.2 million from Proposition 84 and $2.8 million from Proposition 1E. The grant funds will be used to implement the Alternative 3a project and Modified 3c project. Alternative 3a includes 1st year sediment and vegetation management as well as a levee raise to provide 10 year flood protection with 2 feet of freeboard. Modified 3c includes installation of flood walls, levee top stabilization, and slope reinforcement to provide up to 20 year protection for areas of the channel and erosion protection for the outside slopes.

  • Grant Funding Received: FEMA HMGP Grant Awards

    In July 2012, CalEMA conditionally awarded 2.0 million for implementation of a portion of the above projects.

    The total project cost is estimated to be $9.0 million. Design and construction plans are being developed to execute the Alternative 3a and Modified 3c projects and construction is expected to start summer 2015. Project funding shortfalls are anticipated to be covered by through a USDA loan.

  • Arroyo Grande Creek WMP Alt 3a and Mod 3c - An Image Diary

    Below is a visual project description of the projects to be funded by the State Prop 84, Prop 1E Grants and the FEMA HMGP Grant.


Channel Maintenance

Annual maintenance is conducted in the channel to repair facilities, prepare for wet weather, improve flood capacity and enhance the riparian habitat. The following maintenance is performed routinely and prior to the on-set of winter storms to ensure the channel is ready and capable of providing necessary flood protection to the community of Oceano.

Vegetation Management involving the removal of dense vegetation by grazing and willow trimming is completed within the channel bed and banks. Weed abatement by grazing is conducted in the Los Berros Diversion Channel, and in sections of the Arroyo Grande Creek Channel between the Union Pacific Rail Road and Highway 1 bridge crossings. Goats are used to remove dense weedy vegetation on the tops and slopes of the channels. Willow trimming is performed by hand crews who cut and trim woody vegetation from within the channel flow areas. The hand crews also remove all non- native invasive species and clean up trash throughout the Arroyo Grande and Los Berros Channels.

The annual vegetation management maintains the flood capacity and reduces the potential of debris jams and blockages in the channel during high flow scenarios.

Culvert and Flap Gate Maintenance is completed every year in September prior to the storm season. Culverts and flap gates are inspected and then cleaned and maintained for proper operation. Accumulated sediment and debris is removed from inside of the culverts and from in front of the flap gate at the culvert outlet. Culverts and flap gates are routinely checked throughout the winter and before every storm.

Levee Repair and Maintenance is completed as necessary and prior to the on-set of winter storms. The levee system is routinely inspected and needed repairs such as fill of low areas and or slope repair are performed using County crews.

The County Public Works Department coordinates the maintenance of the channels. If you need to report a maintenance issue or problem in the channels, please call (805) 781-5252 or submit a request by clicking here.

Contact Public Works via web form, email, or call us at (805) 781-5252.