Trash Free Waterways

Most people are surprised to learn that stormwater is a leading cause of water pollution across the country. Most stormwater is NOT treated before it enters the creeks or ocean; whatever material the water collects as it runs off is transported directly to our creeks or ocean.

The County of San Luis Obispo is committed to reducing the volume of trash reaching our waterways through the storm drain network. Learn more about the County’s efforts and how you can help!

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County of SLO Trash Plan
Priority Land Use Maps
Baseline Assessment Maps
Trash Reduction Strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there upcoming volunteer cleanups where I can help remove litter from the environment?

EcoSLO, EarthShine, and the Surfrider Foundation host cleanup events throughout San Luis Obispo County. There are opportunities for all-ages to participate!

How can I participate in the County’s Adopt-a-Road Program?

The County’s Adopt A Road Program is excited to welcome new participants to help keep SLO County scenic and litter free.

What are the most commonly littered items? How long do they take to degrade in the environment?

Cigarette butts, food wrappers, aluminum cans and plastic bottles are the most common litter in California. How Long Does your Litter Live?

Where can I find the County’s street sweeping schedule?
Where can I learn more about recycling and waste disposal in San Luis Obispo County?

Find useful tips about recycling and waste disposal resources in San Luis Obispo County from the Integrated Waste Management Authority

Contact Public Works via web form, email, or call us at (805) 781-5252.