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COVID-19 Updates: Get the latest public information related to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) at

Beginning Monday, March 30, 2020, Social Services office hours will be limited to Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

To Prevent Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19): The Department of Social Services is committed to a continuation of services during this crisis. The Department encourages applicants and participants to go online to apply for benefits, submit documents, and manage their cases. 

Submit documents by emailing [email protected]

1) Please include your full name, your phone number, your case number (if known), and your worker’s name  and worker number to make sure the information is correctly routed

2) Submit documents or manage your case by accessing your MyBenefitsCalWIN account at

* Getting Started in My Benefits CalWIN (MyBCW) – English

* Getting Started in My Benefits CalWIN (MyBCW) – Spanish

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CalFresh Services


CalFresh Food Assistance

What is this service? CalFresh is a federal nutrition program for low-income individuals and families that can help households buy healthy foods and seeds. Formerly known as the food stamp program and federally known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), this program provides a monthly nutrition benefit which is used via an Electronic Benefit Transaction (EBT)card similar to a debit card. The benefit is used to purchase groceries at markets, small retailers and even farmer’s markets.


Attention: All CalWORKs and CalFresh Recipients

In response to COVID-19, your CalWORKs and CalFresh Benefits will continue for March, April, May, and June 2020. This means that if your semiannual report form (SAR 7) or annual renewal is due in March, April, or May 2020, you do not have to turn it in or complete your interview. If you already turned in your March SAR 7 or renewal paperwork and it was not processed yet, it will not be processed. If your March SAR 7 or renewal paperwork included information that would make your benefits go up or if you reported that your gross monthly income has gone over your Income Reporting Threshold (IRT), please call the county to report this information over the phone.

Even though you do not have to turn in your March, April or May form or complete your interview, you must still contact the county to report anytime your gross monthly income goes over your IRT. Also, if you report that your income has gone down, your benefit amount may go up. Call the county to find out what your IRT is, to report if your income goes down, or to make other mandatory reports, including a change of address for CalWORKs.

Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) - Business Owner Information

The County of San Luis Obispo is recruiting local restaurants for the Restaurant Meals Program.  You may be able to increase your revenue, and provide a valuable service to the community by participating in the CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program.
Elderly, disabled and homeless individuals who receive CalFresh benefits are able to use their Golden State Advantage (EBT) cards to purchase meals from participating restaurants and delis.   


Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) for CalFresh Participants

The Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) is an option that is only available for CalFresh eligible individuals who are considered elderly (age 60 years and up), disabled, or homeless.  It is intended to help individuals who may struggle to prepare meals or who may not have the facilities to store or to prepare food safely. This is why California has chosen to allow specific CalFresh recipients the ability to purchase prepare and hot foods using their Golden Advantage EBT Card at approved restaurants. The Federal rules preventing the purchase of hot, prepared meals still apply to all other CalFresh participants.