California WIC Card

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The WIC Card is Here!  A new and easier way to shop for your WIC foods.

Shopping With Your California WIC Card

Your WIC Food Packages English (PDF)Spanish (PDF)

Stores accepting the California WIC Card

Download the WIC App 

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Learn more about the California WIC Card

The California WIC Card Video will show you how to use your new WIC Card at the store, how to check your WIC food balance and more!





To activate your new WIC Card and set a 4-digit PIN, call Customer Service at 1-844-469-3264.

You will need to know:

  • The 16-digit WIC Card number
  • Your mailing address ZIP code
  • Your date of birth (two digits for month and day and four digits for year)
  • Choose a 4-digit pin that is easy for you to remember and difficult for others to guess
  • You will need the 4-digit pin to use your WIC Card at the store
  • Benefits will be loaded after your initial enrollment appointment
  • Benefits are good for 30 days
  • There is a "start" and "end" date to use your benefits (see WIC App or contact your local WIC office)
  • Benefits expire at midnight on the "end" date
  • New benefits are automatically loaded each month following the "end" date of your previous month's benefits
  • Use the free WIC App on your smart phone
  • Look at your store receipt from your last shopping trip
  • Ask a cashier or customer service person at the store to print your WIC Food Balance
  • Call the toll free number on the back of your WIC Card, 1-844-469-3264

Your WIC Card will lock after 4 tries.  You can call the number on the back of your WIC Card, 1-844-469-3264 or your local WIC office or wait until after midnight for the PIN to reset. 

  • Call the toll-free number on the back of your WIC Card, 1-844-469-3264 24/7 to report your card lost, stolen or damaged
  • To receive a replacement card, call (805) 781-5570 or text toll free (888) 417-6180
  • The new card can be mailed or you can make arrangements to pick it up at the nearest WIC office  

Contact your local WIC office, call (805) 781-5570 or text (888) 417-6180 to request a change to your WIC food benefits

  • Ask to speak with the store manager
  • Contact your local WIC office, call (805) 781-5570 or text (888) 417-6180 if you are not satisfied, or 
  • Contact the State WIC Program at 1-800-852-5770 or [email protected]
  • Save your store receipt
  • Report the following information: 
    • date, 
    • time,
    • store name,
    • names of the store staff involved and 
    • details of the situation