Water Well Data

One-Mile Water Well Search 

Launch full-screen to search for completed water well construction permit records within a one-mile search radius from a given location. Search results are available for export to PDF or CSV.  Please be advised that the mapping on which this search tool is based is only updated on a quarterly basis.

Field Descriptions for Search Results

Disclaimer for Search Results



Well Construction Permit Lookup Dashboard

Launch full-screen to lookup water well permit data for which construction has not yet been completed or for water wells which have been recently constructed. This dashboard is updated on a weekly basis. 

This dataset includes 2 years (from date of update) of completed and pending water well permit applications (based on the application date) submitted to the County of San Luis Obispo Environmental Health Services (EHS) and is updated on a weekly basis.  Please note that when a filter is set to a specific year, the results may only represent a partial year and not a full calendar year of permits.

  • Completed - well construction completed (but could be awaiting well completion report and/or water quality report)
  • Pending - a well construction  application has been filed but construction not completed  



Completed Water Well Inventory since 1965

Please feel free to download a spreadsheet (CSV) of Completed Water Well Inventory since 1965. This spreadsheet is updated on a weekly basis.



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