SafeSLO and other GIS Apps

Environmental Health leverages GIS Apps (geographic information system applications) such as interactive maps and data dashboards to provide timely and program-focused data to the public.

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SafeSLO for Inspection/Sampling Results

EatSafeSLO provides locations of permitted retail food facilities and links to health inspection results.   

InkSafeSLO provides locations of permitted body art facilities and links to health inspection results.   

SwimSafeSLO provides locations of permitted public swimming pool/spa pool facilities and links to health inspection results.   

SurfSafeSLO provides current beach water quality status for countywide beach water sampling locations and links to sampling results, historical sampling data, and timely press releases.

Water Well Permitting Process

DrillerView provides tools to identify which administrative and groundwater boundary criteria apply to a proposed well construction site and create a digital plot plan, all components of the well permit application process. 

Water Well Data

One-Mile Water Well Search to search for completed water well construction permit data within a one-mile radius from a given location. 

Water Well Construction Permit Lookup Dashboard to view two years of water well construction permit data for which construction has not yet been completed or for water wells which have been recently constructed.

County of San Luis Obispo Repository for all Publicly Available GIS Data

County of San Luis Obispo (

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