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Better SafeSLO Apps

Author: Environmental Health Staff
Date: 2/16/2024 1:08 PM

New look and mobile-friendly web apps that link inspection results to actively permitted facilities.

Interested in what goes on in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant, behind the aisles of your local market, or just looking for a new place to try? Check out EatSafeSLO for the locations of permitted retail food facilities and links to health inspection results.   

Did you know that Environmental Health inspects body art facilities, which are establishments that perform services such as body piercing, tattooing, branding, or the application of permanent cosmetics? Check out InkSafeSLO for the locations of permitted body art facilities and links to health inspection results. 

Planning a trip to the beach this week? Whether you surf, swim, run through the waves, or just walk along the shores? Check out SurfSafeSLO to view the beach water quality status for beach water testing sites from San Simeon down to Oceano.  We test for three types of indicator bacteria every week and post the sampling results along with historical sampling data and timely press releases.

Have you ever wondered about what is evaluated during a public swimming pool or spa pool health inspection? Whether you are a county resident, visitor, or public swimming pool and/or spa pool facility operator, it is important to ensure that the physical and chemical environment of public swimming pools and spa pools (including water parks) are in a safe and healthy condition. Check out SwimSafeSLO for the locations of permitted public pool and spa pool facilities and links to health inspection results.   

Visit SafeSLO and other GIS Apps to see how Environmental Health leverages GIS Apps (geographic information system applications) such as interactive maps and data dashboards to provide timely program data to the public.

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