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Safe Surplus Food Donation Toolkit

Author: Environmental Health Services
Date: 4/26/2021 1:23 PM

Donating surplus food from hotels, restaurants, catered events, and other food facilities can be a sustainable and simple way to help local non-profit and charitable organizations serve those in need in your community. This toolkit is intended to provide guidance to ensure that surplus foods are handled safely in order to minimize food safety risks.

Permitted food facilities such as restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, food processing facilities, food distributors, and caterers can donate prepared foods and meals to nonprofit charitable organizations or individuals directly. Foods that have been previously served to a consumer cannot be donated.

Individuals can donate uncooked, pre-packaged food products (e.g. canned food items) that can be prepared on site by approved food handlers.

Please refer to the Safe Surplus Food Donation ToolkitSafe Surplus Food Donation Guide in 8 Steps, Safe Surplus Food Donation FAQ's, and Safe Surplus Food Donation Brochure to learn how to safely donate food.