Program Goals

The Geographic Information System (GIS) Team in the Information Technology Department (ITD) adhere to specific goals to support the efforts of all our users within the SLO County community.

You can find our goals defined below: 

Enhance How We Do Business

Location-based information should be integrated, not enterprise systems and daily work flows.

  • Integrate enterprise systems with GIS
  • Make "where" part of County Staff's daily activities
  • Facilitate the use of spatial data to answer questions
  • Increase inter-departmental and inter-agency collaboration
  • Provide overview perspective for GIS related projects
  • Establish a geographic information vision and framework and promote its implementation for enterprise projects

Increase Transparency

Government should be transparent, participatory, and collaborative.

  • Promote accountability
  • Provide information about what the County is doing and how we are doing it
  • Improve public engagement by providing access to information
  • Make information easy to use

Increase Efficiency

New technology creates easy data dissemination and the elimination of multiple departments or agencies spending time or monies on duplicative efforts.

  • Make information easy to access, use, visualize, and analyze
  • Reduce redundancies (data and processes)
  • Standardize data and centralize its location
  • Eliminate outdated processes
  • Streamline work flows and processes

Improved and Informed Decision Making

Access to accurate and timely information leads to better decisions.

  • Make information easy to access, use, visualize, and analyze
  • Facilitate more consistent decisions based on the same data and tools
  • Allow for a holistic view through access and other departmental data
  • Encourage more automated and standard processing of information

Engage County Staff in Self Help Decision Making

Staff that can help themselves saves both time and resources.

  • Empower County Staff to obtain timely and accurate information
  • Increase staff knowledge and capabilities
  • Create a more agile and responsive workforce

Provide a More Useful Way of Presenting County Information

Be more responsive by providing tools that allow for efficient access to County information.

  • Provide a consistent and coordinated approach to presenting data
  • Allow for easy interpretation of complex data
  • Provide for accurate presentation of located-based information
  • Strive for real-time data
  • Allow for mobility

Better Engage the Public

Work cooperatively with the public to access issues and achieve results.

  • Improve relationship with he public we serve
  • Allow for better decisions based on consistent information
  • Increase public inclusion in County decision-making process
  • Expand opportunities for public input
  • Empower the public to obtain timely and accurate information
  • Streamline processing by being more responsive