Technology at a Glance

Technology continues to take center stage in our lives. With the simple touch of a screen, we are able to communicate with each other, monitor our health, pay our bills, access entertainment, and monitor world news. In this new, brave, connected world, the evolving demands for services and fast structural changes are forcing us to rethink the role of technology and maximize its potential for providing government services. In order to succeed, technology must align and be in perfect balance with the actual nature of the business. As technologists and agents of change, it is our mission to find this balance.

The Information Technology Department (ITD) is committed to implement citizen-centric solutions, invest in a technology-capable workforce, build a reliable, secure, and fast infrastructure, and, moreover, be proactive and accountable for our efforts.


The mission of ITD is to provide accurate, reliable, cost-effective information technology services to County departments, boards, agencies, and special districts, champion the integration of technology into the business processes of County departments, and promote excellence in the delivery of government services to the public.


Technology supports the County's continuous improvement by making government more accessible, efficient, and accountable. 

What We Do

ITD is responsible for the development, operation, and maintenance of all County enterprise information systems and the direct technical support of multiple organizations, including: the Board of Supervisors, County Administrative Office, Emergency Services, Airports, Parks, Central Services, and Veteran’s Services. As a critical member of the County’s Governance processes, Information Technology chairs or actively participates on a number of committees and communities-of-interest.

Team Structure

ITD is divided into several teams, comprised of highly-skilled and well-trained County staff members who are dedicated to delivering excellence to every customer. Our Department covers the whole information technology spectrum, including: Applications Software Development, Communications, Customer Advocacy, Departmental Support, Financial, Network Management, Operations, Project Management, Server Management, Technical Support, and Telephones.

ITD Goals

The Information Technology Department follows four primary goals related to the department's Vision:

Citizen-centric solutions
Citizen-centric solutions support a high level of customer service that respond effectively to constituent needs
Technology-capable workforce
A technology-capable workforce possesses the contemporary skills and tools necessary to meet its public service commitments
Proactive, accountable IT service
IT service is proactive, accountable, and well-governed
Current, secure infrastructure
Technical infrastructure is current, sustainable, and secure

The graphic below encapsulates the Information Technology Department's primary goals and major benefits:Strategic Graphic IT

ITD Accomplishments & Objectives

At a Glance - Speaking Volumes

During FY 17-18, the County's Information Technology Department:

  • Employed 82 full-time professionals
  • Managed 588 Terabytes of data storage; that's 323 million copies of War and Peace!
  • Intercepted almost 3,000,000 spam messages and security threats
  • Supported 1,284 users from 27 different agencies 
  • Had 3,107 email users
  • Maintained 6,456 network devices
  • Serviced 4,654 telephone lines
  • Backed 2,284 public safety and general government radios
  • Assisted 192 locations 
  • Ran 600 physical and virtual servers in the County Datacenter
  • Received 95%+ Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Managed 28,000 project hours and $17.1 Million in Project Management Office Portfolio
  • Managed 841 Video Cameras
  • Managed 3,367 EFS Users
  • Conducted 185,357 Property Tax Assessments
  • Conducted 10,575,880 Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Transactions
  • Hosted 1,480,000 web site visits