Example of home within Avila Community Plan Area
Example of home within Avila Community Plan Area

Public Input Needed on the Public Review Draft of the Avila Community Plan

Author: Department of Planning and Building
Date: 5/17/2021 3:21 PM

The San Luis Obispo County Department of Planning and Building is asking for the public’s input on the Avila Community Plan (Public Review Draft).

Under direction of the Board of Supervisors, Planning and Building staff are working on a new comprehensive Community Plan for Avila Beach.  Community Plans are an integral part of San Luis Obispo County’s General Plan. The Community Plans in the unincorporated areas of San Luis Obispo County manage the land use designations and guide land use decisions in the specified area until 2050. The Avila Community Plan will specifically focus on the region within the Avila Urban Reserve Line (URL).    

The draft Community Plan was created following a robust community outreach program entitled Envision Avila that included five community workshops, three virtual workshops, numerous stakeholder interviews, and nine subcommittee meetings hosted by the Avila Valley Advisory Council (AVAC).

Information about the Avila Community Plan and a link to the Public Review Draft can be found at the Avila Community Plan project site.

We welcome feedback to the public review draft of the plan. Please submit all comments to the attention of Brian Pedrotti, Supervising Planner, via email [email protected]. Hard copy correspondence can be sent to the following address:

Department of Planning and Building
ATTN: Brian Pedrotti/Envision Avila
976 Osos Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93408