Coastal Valley Academy

Coastal Valley Academy (CVA) is a custody commitment camp program in Juvenile Hall for 14-17 year old male and female youth who are moderate to high risk and in need of residential treatment.  Youth are ordered to stay 6-12 months and receive intensive case management, treatment and educational services through collaboration with a local treatment provider, Family Care Network, and the County Office of Education. 


While CVA is located onsite with Juvenile Hall, the program is completely separated in programming, having its own classroom, recreation yard and living unit. The physical features of the unit are more home like, while still maintaining compliance with Title 15 and Title 24.

The Coastal Valley Academy provides a safe and effective alternative to group homes, engaging the families in the treatment and reunification process.  Youth participate in Child and Family Team (CFT) meetings as well as individual, family and group treatment.   CVA staff is trained in Comprehensive and Substance Abuse Curriculums designed by the University of Cincinnati and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Groups are facilitated by both treatment staff and CVA Probation Officers.  Youth participate in pro social activities, including off-site activities, community service projects, and home passes.