Probation Services

The Probation Department is responsible for providing community corrections services, which are mandated by law. 

  •  Juvenile Services is responsible for the supervision of youth placed on probation and home detention by the Court; school-based prevention and intervention services; and making dispositional recommendations to the Juvenile Court. 
  • Juvenile Custody is responsible for the staffing and operation of the 30-bed County Juvenile Hall, the 30-bed Coastal Valley Academy, and the 5-bed Secure Youth Treatment Facility.
    •  The Juvenile Hall is a 24-hour detention center, housing youth awaiting court proceedings, awaiting out of home placement into foster care, or serving a time limited period of commitment.
  • Coastal Valley Academy provides educational and residential treatment services for wards of the court who cannot be safely maintained in the community. o The Secure Youth Treatment program provides long-term treatment and housing for the population of youth with serious and violent offenses previously committed to the state Division of Juvenile Justice prior to the enactment of SB 823 in 2021.

  • Adult Services is responsible for the supervision of offenders placed on probation by the Court or released from prison under Post-Release Community Supervision and for making sentencing recommendations to the Court. The Department has several specialized supervision caseloads, including specialty court caseloads.
    • The Adult Services Division also provides Court Services, collaborates with the Superior Court on the Pretrial Services Program, and provides monitoring and support for the Mental Health Diversion Program.