Juvenile Hall

Juvenile Hall is a 50 bed detention facility for male and female youth who have been arrested for criminal acts in the community or violations of probation.  Youth detained at the Juvenile Hall are either awaiting the court process or serving additional time ordered by the court.  Youth are cared for by Juvenile Services Officers, teachers, medical and mental health personnel.  While in custody youth attend school daily, participate in outdoor recreation, and have access to a variety of constructive activities.  In partnership with Restorative Partners, the Juvenile Hall offers a myriad of programs that are designed to assist our youth towards rehabilitation.  Such programs include, but are not limited to, art classes, chess club, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), bible study, Narcotics Anonymous (NA), yoga, tutoring, Book Club, weekly church services, and a sports program.

The San Luis Obispo County Office of Education provides a fully accredited, year-round, academic program for youth at the Juvenile Hall. Youth are medically cared for by doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses through the Public Health Department.  Therapist from the County Mental Health Department are on duty and available to youth 10-13 hours a day. 

The Juvenile Hall is guided by the minimum standards contained in the California Code of Regulations Title 15 & Title 24, and is inspected for compliance to these standards by the Board of State and Community Corrections, State Fire Marshall, County Office of Education, Juvenile Justice Commission, Public Health Department, the Juvenile Court and County Public Works Department.



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