Local Policies


01-19   WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Eligibility Policy

          01-19a   Required Verification Documents Eligibility Checklist

02-19   Selective Service Registration

          02-19a   Selective Service Registration Who Must Register

          02-19b   Selective Service Registration Knowing and Willful Determination Form

03-19   Priority of Service Policy Under WIOA

04-19   Eligibility for Training Services

05-19   On the Job Training (OJT) Policy

06-19   Individual Training Accounts (ITAs)

07-19   Supportive Services

08-19   Needs Related Payments

09-19   Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

10-19  WIOA Youth Eligibility and Registration Policy

          10-19a   WIOA Youth Eligibility Policy Terms

          10-19b   WIOA Youth Eligibility Requirements and Verifiable Documentation

          10-19c   WIOA Youth Income Eligibility Requirements and Verifiable Documentation

          10-19g   WIOA Youth Program Elements

11-19   Work Experience Policy

12-19   Youth Incentives Policy

13-19   Transitional Jobs Policy

14-19   Incumbent Worker Training Policy

15-19   Career Services Policy



20-19   Procurement of Goods and Services

21-19   Monitoring and Oversight

22-19   Audit Requirements

23-19   Audit Resolution

24-19   Property Management

25-19   Program Income

26-19   Records Management



30-19   Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Policy and Procedure

          30-19a   Discrimination Complaint Form

          30-19b   Participant Notice of EO Procedure  Form

31-19   Grievance and Complaint Procedures

          31-19a   Participant Notice of Complaint Procedure

32-19   Conflict of Interest Policy

33-19   Incident Reporting

          33-19a   Incident Report Form

          33-19b   Glossary of Terms

34-19   CalJOBS Policy and Procedure

          34-19a CalJOBS User Account Request

          34-19b User Confidentiality Statement

          34-19c Help Request Form

          34-19d CalJOBS Activity Codes Dictionary