Communications and Public Outreach

The Administrative Office brings County departments together to foster meaningful relationships with each other and County residents by tapping into and harnessing the already strong sense of community. It enhances the County’s ability to raise awareness of its programs and services and increase citizen engagement by developing, launching and applying a unified County brand and taking a multimedia approach to communications, using tools that are easy and effortless for both citizens and employees to engage with on a regular basis.

The Administrative Office also promotes the use of a variety of web-based technologies that enable interactive and highly accessible communication from County government. This allows increased County and department responsiveness, improves information sharing, and facilitates greater public interaction.  

One such method is a monthly public e-newsletter. This connects the public with County government and keeps them informed about the latest County news and issues. Each month, we share important information, announcements and stories showing you how we meet the environmental, economic and social needs of our community.

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Residents have told us that they prefer monthly communications via web updates and e-mail/e-newsletters, which is why we provide this monthly glimpse at County issues, services and programs. Enjoy!

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