2020 Census Outreach Project

A complete and accurate count of San Luis Obispo County, California's population is essential. The data collected by the decennial census determines the number of seats each state has in the U.S. House of Representatives and is used to distribute billions of federal dollars to state and local governments, including our county. We have committed to assisting California in its statewide effort to ensure an accurate and complete count of SLO County's population in the 2020 Census. 

Cannabis in SLO County

For jurisdictions across California, crafting legislation on a topic as dynamic as cannabis is a significant challenge. This is no different for the County of San Luis Obispo. This page has all the information you will need to understand cannabis in SLO County, from rules related to personal use and cultivation to information about business readiness and legislation. 

Diablo Canyon Power Plant Closure Planning

The County is working with community stakeholders, local cities, school districts, Chambers of Commerce, and PG&E to look at options that would reduce the economic impacts our community will face due to the closure of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. Together, the stakeholders will guide a project that will develop an economic strategy intended to help reduce the impact of the closure throughout our region. They will hire a consultant for an economic analysis and the development of long-term economic strategies.