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Crop-Report-2015 Crop Report 2015 File Download
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Crop-Report-2012 Crop Report 2012 File Download
Crop-Report-2011 Crop Report 2011 File Download
Crop-Report-2010 Crop Report 2010 File Download
Crop-Report-2009 Crop Report 2009 File Download
Crop-Report-2008 Crop Report 2008 File Download
Crop-Report-2007 Crop Report 2007 File Download
Crop-Report-2006 Crop Report 2006 File Download
Crop-Report-2005 Crop Report 2005 File Download
Crop-Report-2004 Crop Report 2004 File Download
Crop-Report-2003 Crop Report 2003 File Download
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Crop-Report-1998 Crop Report 1998 File Download
Crop-Report-1997 Crop Report 1997 File Download
Crop-Report-1996 Crop Report 1996 File Download
Crop-Report-1995 Crop Report 1995 File Download
Crop-Report-1994 Crop Report 1994 File Download
Crop-Report-1993 Crop Report 1993 File Download
Crop-Report-1992 Crop Report 1992 File Download
Crop-Report-1991 Crop Report 1991 File Download
Crop-Report-1990 Crop Report 1990 File Download
Crop-Report-1989 Crop Report 1989 File Download
Crop-Report-1988 Crop Report 1988 File Download
Crop-Report-1987 Crop Report 1987 File Download
Crop-Report-1986 Crop Report 1986 File Download
Crop-Report-1985 Crop Report 1985 File Download
Crop-Report-1984 Crop Report 1984 File Download
Crop-Report-1983 Crop Report 1983 File Download
Crop-Report-1982 Crop Report 1982 File Download
Crop-Report-1981 Crop Report 1981 File Download
Crop-Report-1980 Crop Report 1980 File Download
Crop-Report-1979 Crop Report 1979 File Download
Crop-Report-1978 Crop Report 1978 File Download
Crop-Report-1977 Crop Report 1977 File Download
Crop-Report-1976 Crop Report 1976 File Download
Crop-Report-1975 Crop Report 1975 File Download
Crop-Report-1974 Crop Report 1974 File Download
Crop-Report-1972 Crop Report 1972 File Download
Crop-Report-1971 Crop Report 1971 File Download
Crop-Report-1970 Crop Report 1970 File Download
Crop-Report-1969 Crop Report 1969 File Download
Crop-Report-1968 Crop Report 1968 File Download
Crop-Report-1967 Crop Report 1967 File Download
Crop-Report-1966 Crop Report 1966 File Download
Crop-Report-1965 Crop Report 1965 File Download
Crop-Report-1964 Crop Report 1964 File Download
Crop-Report-1963 Crop Report 1963 File Download
Crop-Report-1962 Crop Report 1962 File Download
Crop-Report-1961 Crop Report 1961 File Download
Crop-Report-1960 Crop Report 1960 File Download
Crop-Report-1959 Crop Report 1959 File Download
Crop-Report-1958 Crop Report 1958 File Download
Crop-Report-1957 Crop Report 1957 File Download
Crop-Report-1956 Crop Report 1956 File Download
Crop-Report-1955 Crop Report 1955 File Download
Crop-Report-1954 Crop Report 1954 File Download
Crop-Report-1953 Crop Report 1953 File Download
Crop-Report-1952 Crop Report 1952 File Download
Crop-Report-1951 Crop Report 1951 File Download
Crop-Report-1950 Crop Report 1950 File Download
Crop-Report-1949 Crop Report 1949 File Download
Crop-Report-1948 Crop Report 1948 File Download
Crop-Report-1947 Crop Report 1947 File Download
Crop-Report-1946 Crop Report 1946 File Download
Crop-Report-1945 Crop Report 1945 File Download
Crop-Report-1942 Crop Report 1942 File Download
Crop-Report-1940 Crop Report 1940 File Download
Crop-Report-1938 Crop Report 1938 File Download
Crop-Report-1937 Crop Report 1937 File Download
Crop-Report-1936 Crop Report 1936 File Download
Crop-Report-1935 Crop Report 1935 File Download
Crop-Report-1934 Crop Report 1934 File Download
Crop-Report-1933 Crop Report 1933 File Download
Crop-Report-1932 Crop Report 1932 File Download
Crop-Report-1931 Crop Report 1931 File Download
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Crop-Report-1928 Crop Report 1928 File Download

Current Job Openings in the Department of Agriculture / Weights and Measures

Assistant Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer

The County of San Luis Obispo Department of Agriculture / Weights and Measures is seeking an Assistant Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer who is an exceptional leader, approachable and responsive, an excellent communicator, is a community and peer collaborator, and holds him/herself and others to the highest standards.

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Weights and Measures Inspector Trainee

The County of San Luis Obispo Department of Agriculture / Weights and Measures is currently recruiting for one full-time, permanent status Weights and Measures Inspector Trainee.  The Trainee is an entry level position working under the direct supervision of the program deputy to perform inspection work within specialized programs that support and protect businesses and consumers.

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Pest Detection Trapper

The County of San Luis Obispo Department of Agriculture / Weights and Measures is accepting applications for temporary/seasonal Pest Detection Trappers.  Incumbents perform trapping activities for insects not known to occur in California and other pest prevention activities in accordance with guidelines provided by the State of California.

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