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COVID-19 has changed some of the procedures for providing service to you. For most questions or concerns, please call our office at (805) 781-5643 or review our website. If you need to meet with assessor staff, video conferencing or appointments can be scheduled. Please call or email to schedule a meeting or video conference. Our office is open to the public; however, there may be wait times due to the requirements for social distancing (Per California of Public Health Guidance, face coverings need to be worn while in the building). Documents may also be mailed in or delivered using the public drop box located outside our office lobby. 

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Map booksThe Assessor's responsibilities include locating, inventorying, tracking ownership, and appraising for property tax purposes all property located within the county. To achieve this, the Assessor's Office is required to create a complete set of maps showing each property within the county for assessment purposes.

The function of the Mapping/GIS section is to create and continuously maintain Assessor's maps. When making changes the Assessor looks at all maps recorded in the county such as tract maps, condominium plans, and subdivisions as well as Parcel Boundary Change Requests submitted to our office.  The Mapping/GIS section will either make changes to existing assessment maps or create new assessment maps as required.

The Assessor tracks over 128,000 parcels within the county.  Without a standardized mapping system and a dedicated team to maintain the maps the Assessor could not efficiently perform his duties.  The Assessor relies on the Mapping/GIS section of the office to provide accurate, up-to-date information in the completion of his required duties.

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