Board of Supervisors Services


Board of Supervisors Meetings

The Board of Supervisors holds a public meeting almost every week (see the complete schedule) during which the Board discusses County business, holds hearings, receives presentations, considers public comment, approve and renews contracts, and more. Anyone can attend a public Board meeting at any time.  

Watch or listen to live and past Board of Supervisors meetings, and view agendas, agenda item documents, and minutes on this page.

Community Based Organization and Preventative Health Grants

The County awards grant funding to local programs that support and complement, but do not duplicate, the efforts of the County’s health and human services departments. The applicants must promote the optimal health, stability, independence and well-being of county residents. Both public and private nonprofit organizations may apply, but programs and projects must be carried out in San Luis Obispo County. Nonprofits that promote the personal health, stability, independence and well-being of people in San Luis Obispo County can apply for substantial public grant funding once a year. 

District Community Project Grants

The County provides grant funding to one-time public projects deemed by the Board of Supervisors to benefit the community. The project could be part of a larger project or program. For example, community project funds may pay for 300 meals for seniors, with additional meals being provided through a different funding source. The County's project would be the 300 meals and one "service unit" would be each meal or each senior that is served.

Find My Supervisor

This service finds your Supervisor and Supervisor District by entering a valid Address, City, and Zip Code. 

Infrastructure/Beautification Grants

The County provides public grant funding to public infrastructure and/or beautification projects that benefit the unincorporated areas of the County. A public infrastructure and/or beautification project is defined as a one-time project that enhances a community’s cultural, environmental, recreational or historical assets.