About the Board of Supervisors

A five-member Board of Supervisors serves as the County’s legislative body, setting policies and priorities to best serve the needs of the community. Supervisors are elected by districts of approximately equal population to overlapping four-year terms.

About the Districts

The five supervisory districts in the County include the following incorporated cities (in italic), unincorporated cities, and communities:

District 1: Adelaide, Cholame, Lake Nacimiento, Oak Shores, Paso Robles, San Miguel, Shandon, Templeton, Whitley Gardens

District 2: Baywood Park, California Men’s Colony, Cal Poly State University (portion), Cambria, Cayucos, Cuesta-by-the-Sea, Cuesta College, Harmony, Los Osos, Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo (portion), San Simeon

District 3: Avila Beach, Country Club, Edna-Los Ranchos, Edna Valley (portion), Grover Beach, Pismo Beach, Rolling Hills Estate, San Luis Obispo (portion), Shell Beach, Squire Canyon, Sunset Palisades

District 4: Arroyo Grande, Black Lake Canyon, Callendar-Garrett, Cuyama, Edna Valley (portion), Halcyon, Huasna-Lopez, Los Berros, Nipomo, Nipomo Mesa, Oceano, Palo Mesa

District 5: Atascadero, Cal Poly State University (portion), California Valley, Creston, Garden Farms, Pozo, San Luis Obispo (portion), Santa Margarita

Services Provided

Service to the Public: The majority of the Board's activities center around services to the public which are provided in its capacity as the legislative body of the County. Members of the Board of Supervisors represent the people residing within their supervisorial district, while also working for the general welfare of the entire County.

Televised broadcasts of Board meetings: The Board seeks to reach and inform as many citizens as possible regarding the issues taken up at the weekly public business meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

Annual County Audits: It is the Board of Supervisors' duty to examine and audit the financial records of the County. This program satisfies Federal laws relative to the auditing of federal monies received by the County.

User Information

The Board of Supervisors meetings are held most Tuesdays beginning at 9 a.m. in the Government Center Board Chambers located at 1055 Monterey Street, San Luis Obispo.  Specific meeting dates can be found on the Board of Supervisors agenda page.

If you have questions regarding meetings with the Board of Supervisors or would like to send them information, call the Board of Supervisors main line at (805) 781-5450.  The Board of Supervisors Fax number is (805) 781-1350.  Additionally you may write to the Board of Supervisors as whole by emailing [email protected].

Questions regarding an agenda item should be directed to the County Administrative Office at (805) 781-5011.

Questions regarding action taken by the Board should be directed to the Clerk of the Board at (805) 781-5080.

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