Plans & Reports

Public Works Plans and Reports

ADA Transition Plan

The ADA required that public entities draft a transition plan to be completed by July 26th, 1992. The ADA Transition Plan was to identify any structural changes necessary to achieve program accessibility.

Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan

The Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan (“Plan”) is a multi-year planning document designed to identify, prioritize, and track the progress of capital projects with estimated costs over $100,000 that relate to the maintenance, improvement, or building of infrastructure and facilities during the period of FY 2023-24 through FY 2027-28. 


The following dropdown menus will display the Plan, along with Appendixes 1 – 6; and Appendix 7, which includes detailed information about each capital project within the Plan.    

Development Plan Checking

Review construction documents associated with land development

Drainage Studies

These reports summarize findings, conclusions and recommendations of the Drainage and Flood Control Study conducted for seven San Luis Obispo communities.

Drinking Water Source Assessments

These assessments identify the vulnerability of the drinking water supply to contamination from typical human activities, intending to facilitate and provide the basic information for each community to develop a program to protect the drinking water supply.

Master Water Report

The Master Water Report (MWR) is a comprehensive plan evaluating water management strategies - including optimization of existing water supplies - to meet water resource needs County-wide.

Pavement Management Report

Since 1997, the Public Works Department has maintained a formal pavement management program for documenting road conditions, forecasting pavement maintenance and scheduling maintenance funds for the road network.

Project Bid Results

Bid results for Public Works projects since 2009.

Public Improvement Standards

The purpose of establishing Public Improvement Standards is to help provide public facilities and services that ensure health and safety and enhance quality of life for the community.

Public Records Request Form

California Public Records Act (CPRA)


Per the California Public Records Act (CPRA), I hereby request reproduction of the following records maintained by the Department of Public Works and understand that there may be fees incurred in the reproduction of the records. Please complete the form below. If the Department of Public Works does not maintain your requested records this form will be forwarded to the correct department.

Public Works Public Records Request

Public Works provides access to public records per the California Public Records Act (CPRA). Examples of requests Public Works is best suited to handle would pertain to County roadways, mapping, improvement projects or water data.

Title VI

Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act requires that "No person in the united States shall, on the ground of race, color or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance." 

Traffic Circulation Studies

Traffic Circulation Studies involve the creation of a new computerized traffic models that would reasonably simulate current traffic flow patterns and also forecast future travel demands and traffic flow patterns.

Traffic Counts

The County of San Luis Obispo Public Works Department maintains traffic count data for all County maintained roads.

Traffic Regulations Code Book

The Traffic Regulations Code Book outlines the provisions and regulations previously contained in Title 15 of the County Code.

Water Quality Reports

Details on where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to State standards.

Watershed Sanitary Surveys

Each survey is compiled to provide information identifying existing and future sources of water contamination, provide a baseline of water quality and watershed conditions, and recommend watershed management practices that will protect raw water quality.